3 Reasons to Use Hemp Oil with Your Pets

Hemp oil is growing in popularity for the many health benefits users are attributing to it. It is all natural and can be used as a safe homeopathic remedy for several common health issues in pets. Extracted from the seeds of cannabis plants, hemp oil is unlike other substances taken from cannabis, like marijuana, which contain THC. Hemp oil does not contain THC and is considered a legal substance in all 50 states.

Eases Anxiety

If your dog or cat suffers from anxiety, whether it be separation-induced, social anxiety around other people or animals, or at certain times, like during thunderstorms, hemp oil may be worth looking into. Hemp oil for pets can have a calming effect, helping your pet to relax during what would usually be a stressful event. Even trips to the vet can be opportunities to use hemp oil to help your pet relax. In time, they may come to associate these events with feeling more at ease!

Reduces Pain and Inflammation

Hemp oil can also be helpful in reducing inflammation or chronic pain that your pet may experience. If your dog or cat has arthritis, weak joints or muscles from aging, or has internal inflammation due to any of a number of diseases, consulting your vet about adding hemp oil to their food to help ease their inflammation may be a good idea.

An All-Natural Remedy

Another benefit of using hemp oil with your pets is that it is all-natural. Sometimes, more traditional medications can produce unwanted side effects due to their chemical construction or artificial additives. However, hemp oil is an all-natural substance that should exhibit little to no adverse effects on your pet. Always be sure to check with a veterinarian first and make sure you are choosing a high-quality oil.

Hemp oil can be a great resource for pet owners who want to try a more homeopathic treatment plan for their cat or dog. Research is key to making sure you get the right hemp oil for your pet.