When Should You End A Casual Relationship? 7 Women Explain Why They Called It Quits

Casual relationships can be super fun under the right circumstances. If you’re not looking for something serious at the moment, a casual relationship might be


7 Things Your Partner Shouldn’t Do When You’re Having Relationship Issues

When you’re in a relationship, rough patches can be a cause for concern. While every couple goes through ups and downs, not every couple will


6 relationship trends that are taking us by surprise

The dynamics of relationships change with every generation and presently it is changing every year. With the outburst of paparazzi, we have access to every


Want to build a healthy relationship? Include your better half in social media posts

WASHINGTON D.C. [USA]: According to a new study, if you include your significant other in your social media posts, the act increases the feelings of intimacy and satisfaction. It


Kendall Jenner Wants To Keep Her Relationships Private For A Very Solid Reason

Kendall Jenner knows that everyone is interested in her love life — but that doesn’t mean she’s going to start talking about it any time

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