Which Is More Important For Weight Loss: Diet Or Exercise?

Which Is More Important For Weight Loss: Diet Or Exercise?

If a recent study is to be believed, diet plays a far more important role than physical activity for weight loss. This physical activity includes walking, fidgeting and formal exercise. This could be because exercising increases appetite. Appetite can especially be increased in case of weight lifting and this could hamper your weight loss goals. The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention says people who lose weight gradually are successful at keeping the weight off. As per the study, 10% of calories are burned as we digest food and around 10 to 30% are burned during physical activity.

All the calories that you consume are coming from the food you eat and the beverages that you drink. Only a portion of calories are lost through exercise.

A person burns 5 to 15% calories in a day through exercise, said Alexxai Kravitz, Investigator at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases in the US, reports IANS.

However, this is not to say that exercise is not important. Exercise is important for building body strength, improving flexibility and muscle mass. Regular exercise is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle and plays an essential role in managing conditions like diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure to name a few.

But, the study notes that diet is a much more important lifestyle factor as compared to exercise, when it comes to weight loss.

Diet is more important than exercise for weight loss, new study finds
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Here is a list of some low calorie foods, which you can include in your diet for quick weight loss:

1. Oats

2. Clear soup

3. Broccoli

4. Egg whites

5. Popcorn

6. Chia seeds

7. Fish

8. Cottage cheese

9. Watermelon

10. Legumes

All these foods are nutritious and extremely healthy for weight loss. Eating them in the right proportions along with exercise is all you need to do to achieve quick weight loss.

Keep in mind that you cannot compromise on your health while seeking weight loss. Calorie-deficit diets may help you lose weight quickly, but that lost weight is quite likely to come back as soon as you get back to normal eating routine. Such diets are also likely to increase your cravings and even before you realise, you will be seeking comfort in junk food or even worse… desserts!